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What to Expect

Prior to Your Treatment
At the time of your consultation measurements will be taken of your eyes. In addition, a picture, which is a topographic map of your cornea, will be taken.

Contact Lense Suspension
Soft contact lenses must be suspended for two weeks prior to treatment. Soft toric contact lenses must be suspended for three weeks prior to treatment. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses must be suspended until your prescription and topography stabilize.

On the Day of Your Treatment
You may eat and drink normally. You should not wear makeup, perfume or jewelry. You must have someone accompany you home from the treatment (because you will be given valium) or you must take car service.

When you arrive you will receive anesthetic (numbing) eye drops and valium to relax you. You will then be escorted into the laser suite where you will lie on your back in a comfortable reclining chair. Dr. Muller will show you the blinking light in the microscope that you will look at during the procedure.

A delicate instrument will be placed between your eyelids to keep your eyes open during your treatment. It is quite comfortable and allows you to be free of any concern regarding blinking – you can’t blink with this delicate instrument in place and don’t even have to think about it. A temporary shield will be placed over the eye not being treated.

You are now ready to have your treatment. For PRK/LASEK/Epi-LASEK the laser treatment is applied directly to your cornea. Microscopic amounts of tissue, less than the thickness of a human hair, are removed by the gently pulsing light. Afterward, eye drops and a bandage contact lens are placed on your eye.

For LASIK The laser treatment is then applied to your cornea; again, microscopic amounts of tissue less than the thickness of a human hair are removed by the gently pulsing light. The protective cap or flap is placed back into position, and eye drops are applied to your eye. With either surface ablations (PRK or LASEK) or LASIK, the actual laser takes less than sixty seconds for the majority of treatments and the procedure itself is painless because of the numbing (anesthetic) eye drops and the valium.

You leave the treatment center and go home and relax with your eyes gently closed.

After Your Treatment
After your treatment you will see Dr. Muller the following day and then periodically for routine follow-up examinations during the first year. You will take eye drops immediately following your treatment. The frequency of dosing and duration of time for which you’ll take these drops will be determined based upon which procedure you had.

After surface ablations (PRK and LASEK) there can be some discomfort for about 24-48 hours. Dr. Muller provides you with eye drops and pain pills to keep you comfortable during this time should you feel you need them.

After LASIK there can be discomfort for 4-8 hours; again, Dr. Muller provides you with pain medication to keep you comfortable should you feel you need it.


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