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Correction Options

If you were not lucky enough to have been born with perfect vision, you have several options. These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Refractive Surgery
    • Surface Ablations
      • PRK (photo-refractive keratectomy)
      • LASEK (laser assisted epithelial keratomileusis)
      • Epi-LASEK
    • Conventional LASIK
    • Wavefront Guided / Custom LASIK
    • Intralase LASIK
    • Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)
    • Accommodating Lens Implants
    • Intraocular Phakic Contact Lens (a.k.a. implantable contact lens)
  • Other Types of Refractive Surgery such as:
    • Radial Keratotomy (RK)
    • Astigmatic Keratotomy (AK)
    • Automated Lamellar Keratectomy (ALK)
    • Intacs
    • Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)
    • Others

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